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offering solutions for you special requests

We manufacture sheet metal products for wide scale of customers, including smaller amount of items.. The products are made by using CNC machines. These machines guarantee high quality and are flexible in the terms of adjusting the production assortment.

Our flexible manufacturing system in the main is given by using proper software equipment which markedly reduces the time between the production preparation and the production itself.

The production is based on a documentation provided by the customer. We prefer the documentation in electronic form (dwg, dxf- formats). In case the customer can not supply the documentation a sample or an idea proposal will suffice it.

Besides mentioned standard services we are able to offer you solutions for your special requests.


We offer also 3D visualisation of requested product in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software.

Solidworks Output data
2D formats: *.dwg, *.dxf
3D formats: *.igs, *.step, *.stp
PDF formats: *.pdf, *3D.pdf
Picture formats: *.jpeg, *.png
Adobe formats: *.psd, *.ai

Our 3D samples


Manufacturing according to the documentation in DXF or DWG file

Manufacturing according to a sample

Manufacturing according to an idea proposal

Flexible changes in the production

Piece, small series and large series production

Surface treatment, powder varnish (komaxit) according to RAL or Phantone

Finishing operations, products mounting

Uniform quality of manufacturing

Packaging of products

Forwarding by the transport company